Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christian Kapteyn

Professor of Digital Business, Head of Study Program Digital Transformation Management
SRH Campus Hamburg, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

  • LinkedIn: Christian Kapteyn
Christian Kapteyn

Navigating the Digital Classroom: The Role of Generative AI in Education and Training

Generative AI as a new and rapidly evolving technology with its ability to create, simulate, and innovate, presents a paradigm shift in how we may approach education and training and will have a profound impact on the landscape of learning. Given its adaptive capabilities, Generative AI offers personalized learning, education, and training experiences tailored to individual needs, transcending traditional one-size-fits-all models. At the same time we are confronted with novel ethical considerations and challenges inherent in integrating this emerging technology into educational settings, e.g. ensuring equitable access, protecting privacy, and fostering digital literacy. Leveraging Generative AI responsibly and effectively is a key driver for the future of educational evolution.