Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award 2024

Towards sustainable safety in a rapidly changing world

Welcome to the Young Scientist Award 2024, an initiative by Working on Safety (WOS) dedicated to inspiring and engaging the next generation of safety enthusiasts and safety researchers. We aim to nurture the passion for safety in the workplace and identify future leaders who want to contribute their expertise for a sustainable safe working environment. Introducing the WOS Young Scientist Award 2024!

Eligibility and Prizes

Who was able to apply:

All young scientists up to the age of 30 years, holding a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D., were encouraged to apply for this prestigious award.

Prizes awarded are:

First Place:   Prize money €800
Second Place:   Prize money €600
Third Place:   Prize money €400
4th-6th Places:   Exciting non-monetary prizes

In addition, all winners (1st-6th places) will have their conference registration fees waived!

Award Highlights

The top three abstracts, as determined by our esteemed jury, will be presented at WOS 2024. The winners not only gain visibility at the conference but also enjoy the unique opportunity to attend the event for free. We're not stopping there – we are giving additional recognition for the next 3 best submissions. The award ceremony promises to be a special event, celebrating excellence in safety research.

Jury Selection

A highly qualified jury is currently being assembled to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation of the submissions. Stay tuned for updates on our distinguished panel of judges.


We have received a multitude of captivating submissions from talented individuals up to the age of 30 years. These contributions will undoubtedly shape the future of safety and health at the workplace.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a safer and healthier working world!

Best regards,
The Organizing Team
Working on Safety 2024 Conference